probably the most “INTJ” post I’ve ever written.

Job interviews and first dates are weird. They force me to examine my strengths and weaknesses from vantage points of other people. That being said, my favourite quality about myself is my mind.

I like to think, and be alone, and learn. Whether I’m cooking a meal or in the middle of a dream at 4am, there will always be some type of information flow near by. I love watching online lectures, audiobooks, or sitting near highly intelligent people to overhear insightful conversation.

My favourite thing about my mind is my appetite for knowledge. I like learning new things.

It’s hard for me to imagine that some people do not enjoy thought-provocation, as I often feel bored and stagnant when I don’t seek it out. This thought came to me as I was sitting wrapping gifts, with Plato’s Republic next to me and a Yale lecture playing on my iPad. My parents turned on a sit-com-style TV show – drowning out the lecture about the Republic. I couldn’t understand why they chose the TV show over the lecture. All I wanted to do was return to analyzing Republic for the nth time – even though I finished a formal education months ago and have no objective need to regurgitate Plato’s ideas, I know it will nourish me better than some mass-media plotless comedy.

Now, I don’t think that this is a bad thing. Contrary, actually. I could not be happier with my attitude towards education. This prompts me to wonder why some people are so reluctant to seek out knowledge in their spare time? I instinctively wrinkle my nose in confusion when people tell me that they haven’t read certain books, or that they simply don’t care about current political events.

It makes no sense to me. At all.

In an age of net neutrality debates, irrelevant media congestion, and rampant privatization and classification of information, information is such a privilege, available to those who seek it out.

TLDR: I think learning is fun, and don’t why others enjoy turning their brains off (then again, I don’t understand people well at all in the first place).


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