2017 highlights

just some things i discovered in 2017 that filled my heart with unconditional love and gratitude

1. my balcony from April 24th – August 27th. it was a wonderful dream state of unobstructed sunsets that made me feel at peace on the edge of this unending cycle. it ended, and it’s all ive ever needed to re-experience

2. poetry and being published. minimal recognition save for a sweet little taste that i secretly savour on cold nights like this

3. big little lies from HBO, a heart-rich investment

4. organic girl triple green spinach

5. “Dancing by the Dreamless Wave” by Owsey, “13 Beaches” and “Cherry” by Lana del Rey, “Blinkers Removed” by Man of No Ego, and rediscovering “Vespertine” and “Post” by Bjork.

6. closing up the pores on my freshly-embraced pale pale flesh

7. the hanged man tarot card

8. the way streetlights and construction sites glisten white and open wide on the many beautiful rainy days we’ve had

9. the sweet lady who worked in my summer apartment and always made nice conversation with me, i hope i always remain soft enough to pray for her and those like her


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