Meditations for Workplace Success

Exciting and intimidating; the perfect words to summarize the new work venture I’ve undertaken.

As a few of my side endeavours were wrapping up in June, I was given the tremendous opportunity to work for a dynamic company in the industry that I love. Having been out of this line of work for a few months, I’ve felt a little rusty and a little clumsy. My feelings of inadequacy are only amplified when I think about how intelligent and adept all of my coworkers are. It’s both motivational being around such brilliant people, and daunting to try to elevate myself to be on their level of competence – but I need to maintain focused on the opportunity.

Reflecting on previous full-time experiences, I’ve developed a series of meditations to keep me out of my negative feelings when they arise, and guide me towards career-centric success and to maintain a positive mindset:

1. I am gaining valuable experience. I have a wonderful opportunity for exponential growth that aligns with my long-term goals.

2. I am contributing to the creation of a dynamic and sustainable future every time I succeed in the workplace.

3. I am resilient and capable; my work ethic is unparalleled.

4. Coworkers are mentors. I can learn something from everyone.

5. I can bring value every time I take initiative.

6. Grind every day. Prioritize delayed gratification over instant results.

7. A better me is built on a day like today.

8. Maintain balanced focus — eat healthy, excercise daily, cherish your friendships.


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